Now There's One Less Thing

to Worry About.

Pkg.Spot has partnered with local businesses (i.e., Dry Cleaners, Hardware Stores, Convenience Stores, etc.) that will receive your online purchases.  These businesses are conveniently located close to homes, work and public transportation.  They offer a secure location with extended hours.

Shop Online. Pick Up Here.


Alternative Delivery Locations for Your Online Purchases


Receive packages on “Your Time” and at “Your Place” of choice. Select a location close to you.


No More Missed Deliveries.

Your time matters

Packages delivered on schedule.

No frustrating delivery notices to deal with.


Pickup at your convenience

No waiting at home for a “Day Time” or scheduled “PM Delivery”.


Eliminate package theft

Over 23 million Americans have had packages stolen from their homes. Don’t let this happen to you!

1. Shop online.


Ship your e-commerce purchases to any of our PkgSpot Partner locations.

How it Works

2. Go about your day.


PkgSpot helps you get on with what you love, no waiting at home for your deliveries.

3. Get notified.


A text message will alert you when your package arrives.

4. Pick up.


Receive packages on “Your Schedule” and at “Your Place” of choice.

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